Consumer debt decreased in 2011

17 01 2012

Great news, credit card debt decreased by 11% last year!

According to a recent article from CNN Money, the average credit card balance in 2010 was $7,404 and in 2011 this dropped to an average of $6,576.

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Never too early to plan for Retirement

20 12 2011

The economy as of late has really opened my eyes. It causes me concern to think of those in their retirement that have been severely impacted by the rapid shrinking of their retirement portfolios. What if that was me? What am I doing about my retirement? I currently have a small percentage of my paycheck automatically invested before taxes into a 401-K. Is that enough? What else can I be doing? Read the rest of this entry »

Can we stand another financial meltdown?

23 11 2011

The Federal Reserve is having America’s largest banks go through a new round of Stress Testing to see if they would be able to endure financial meltdown like what we experienced in 2008. Stress Testing helps determine the stability of a given entity, in this case, financial institution. Read the rest of this entry »

Alternate Retirement Options

30 10 2011

The main options to save for retirement at this time are through a 401(k) of up to $17,000 a year or an IRA of up to $5,000. A recent article from CNN Money brings up some excellent suggestions for retirement savings. Read the rest of this entry »

Are we in the clear?

28 09 2011

As we prepare to begin the United State’s new fiscal year Oct. 1st, the question remains. Are we in the clear? We have been through a lot financially in recent years. We’ve had a recession, bailouts, and the United States Government nearly closed down. Public employees and military families’ livelihoods have continued to hag in the balance as policy makers debate budgetary reform. The dust seems to have settled, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are a few tips from USAA’s article Another Government Shutdown Still in the Cards.  Read the rest of this entry »

This is the last will and testament of…

29 08 2011

Have you prepared a will? To be honest it is not something many like to think about. A recent survey about estate planning found a tremendous disconnect that further displays the well known saying, it is easier said than done. Of those surveyed, 60% said they believe all adults should have estate plans, but only 44% said they have one. Sadly, and understandably, the reason for this disconnect is that people are too preoccupied with today’s financial stresses to be concerned with the cumbersome documentation and preparation it takes to create a will.

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The “R” Word

16 08 2011

Not recession… retirement. As soon as you get out of college and get that first job in the “Real World” you are bombarded with company benefits to enroll for and retirement plans to consider. At the start of your career, you are expected to start thinking about and planning for retirement which is decades away. How much will you need every year for retirement? How many of today’s dollars should you be saving for when you will be spending it in tomorrow’s dollars? Read the rest of this entry »