Helpful Investment Advice for Young Investors

18 03 2012

Recently, CNN Money ran an article with great advice for young investors. I think it is timely given that the last few years have caused such havoc on portfolios of investors of all ages. Hearing about those who were just about to get ready to retire, lose so much was heartbreaking and unnerving to say the least. The article was encouraging in that it provided sound advice for young investors, still wary about whether or not to invest. 

The three main points made in the article were:

1. Things are never as good — or as bad — as they seem.

2. Take doomsayers’ stock market predictions with a large block of salt.

3. Focus on what you can control.

My favorite was the second point; it is very true that the media and consumer confidence can cause a ripple effect of disaster or even a bubble of euphoria in the investment world. Ensuring that you keep a cool outlook regarding stock market predictions (whether positive or negative) will help you to navigate through the obstacles and opportunities focusing on the long term results.

What point did you find helpful?




3 responses

18 03 2012

Thanks for posting that article! I like the third point about focusing on what you can control and exerting your influence by increasing the chances of generating returns.

5 04 2012

Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for visiting and for sharing what point you found helpful!

18 03 2012

I like the blog too! I’ll be back often for advice!

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