One year of Moolah Talks

25 04 2011

It has been one year since I started this blog! Why did I feel the desire to start a blog about current financial events, mixed in with some practical personal finance advice? Because I felt there was a need. I felt that a lot of people around me, young and old, were completely uninterested in what was going on in the world and how business and finance affected it.

It has been said that money isn’t everything, and I agree with that one hundred percent. There is so much more to life than money, business, finance… but the fact is, although money isn’t everything, it does effect everything. On a small scale, we all make money, we all spend money, we all save money, and we even lose money.What does that have to do with understanding the business world? Well that is the same thing to a larger scale. Businesses make money and spend money. Governments make money and spend money. And each decision has an impact.

It seems to me that it is easy to feel as if what happens “out there” in the world can easily be disconnected from us in our minds. Since that is not happening directly to me, it will not have an impact on me, so I don’t need to learn about it, or read about it or care about it. Well as we saw in the economic crisis, what happens “out there” does affect each and every person, some more than others. Because of the crisis, several new laws have been created and will continue to be created, and no person is outside of the law. So although you may not have lost a home in the housing crisis, the next time you plan to purchase a home, you will certainly see the impact of applying for a loan and adhering to the new laws that are in place to get approved.

I think it is beneficial to understand more than just the headlines in the news. So, to foster gaining a more in depth understanding, I have used this blog to post about what is going on in the world and I have tried my best to not only explain the newsworthy event, but also try to underline why it matters. I have really enjoyed this year of blogging… here’s to many more! Thanks for reading.




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