Benefit Enrollment is here…

21 10 2010

Due to the continually rising cost of medical insurance for employers, we can certainly expect to see that reflected in our own costs for premiums. The cost of deductibles, doctor’s visits and prescriptions are also likely to rise.

It is being estimated that employee premiums are rising on average to about 14%. I have already been notified that mine will be increasing 13.4% not far from that average. Read the rest of this entry »


Mission Possible: Retirement

12 10 2010

This weekend there was a great article on CNN’s website about overcoming financial roadblocks and getting back on track with retirement savings.

Seeing that almost half of Americans worry that they won’t have enough money to retire, and how many are delaying their retirement, shows just how relevant articles like this are. The article lists the five most common roadblocks that hinder retirement and provides some strategies to maneuver through the obstacles. Hopefully it provides you with encouraging ideas.

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This Time, You Don’t Have to Head West for the Gold Rush!

4 10 2010

While many aspects of the economy have suffered, Gold has performed exceedingly well. As of Friday’s close, the price for an ounce of gold was $1,317.80; an all-time high. Read the rest of this entry »